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Our Story

Creative Unique Eco-Friendly

Partydreams by Julia was started in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2018 by Julia Bidlack. Since its conception Partydreams has been redefining the wedding rental industry by creating the original flat-rate decor rental collections. Partydreams by Julia has grown from 1 location, to over 20, in just 4 short years. You can now find Partydreams locations in 8 states! This booming growth is what lead to our re-branding in 2021. From Partydreams by Julia, to, Partydreams LTD. 

One thing that has never changed is our belief in providing decorations that are both stylish, and affordable. Which is why our team works tirelessly to curate handcrafted, trendy, timelessly stylish and unique decor collections for our clients. 

Since 2018 Partydreams has provided decor for over 3000 weddings and events. We look forward to providing countless more dream weddings to brides world-wide! 

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